A Message from our Grand Worthy Advisor 2005-2006, Victoria Wehrli

Discover Your True Colors

Self-confidence is often hard to come by in adolescent girls.  My goal this year is to supply Illinois Rainbow with a continuous amount of self-esteem by discovering our true colors.

We can look at colors as symbolic of different aspects of our personalities.
As Rainbow girls we have the same palette of colors with which to draw our character from, but what makes us individuals is the unique combination of strong and weak colors we each have.  Decide what colors represent you.  Let Rainbow help you find out who you really are, be proud of it, and appreciate it.  Everyone identifies with certain colors, and often the challenge is learning to value that individuality.  When you can do that, you will have found the key to real self-confidence.  Your friends will see that and will want to know what gave you that spark, and you can honestly show what Rainbow is all about to others.  As the year progresses, I hope you find your true colors and learn to wear them with pride.

The castle is a visual symbol of success, and as we learn to see what really makes us individuals this year I hope we can use our Rainbow lessons as the foundation of our castles.  These are the strongest building blocks available to us, and just like we would build a castle with the best foundation we can find, we should build our character using that same idea.  If we make those decisions wisely then our castles will be tall and strong and beautiful.

The diamond represents the diamond anniversary of Illinois Grand Assembly 75 years of Rainbow in our state!  Diamonds are also each unique like our true colors are unique to us.

Blue and Silver
Blue represents fidelity to ourselves and silver represents the diamond anniversary of Illinois Grand.

American Kidney Fund
The AKF assists both adults and children in renal care emotionally, physically, and financially.  I am focusing on the pediatric aspect of this program, and there are two main projects that Illinois Rainbow will be helping them with.  The first is the internationally distributed 2006 Kids calendar where we will be sponsoring a month.  I have already asked the grand family to help me raise $2,500 for this calendar by September 30th.  Not only are we helping the program with this fundraiser, but we will also be getting a lot of PR because our logo will be prominently displayed.  The other program has to do with supplying the children with activities to keep them busy and to raise their self-confidence while they are being dialyzed.  I would also like to raise as much money as possible so that we can send some of these children to special camps, which costs $750 per person.


Warm Fuzzies All grandies will have warm fuzzies and will be encouraged to give sincere complements to the girls in the assemblies at the officials.  The girls in the assemblies will also receive warm fuzzies to give to away.  This will serve as a boost of self-confidence on both ends and encourage continued and new membership.

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