Grand Worthy Advisor's Traveling Incentive Program

Are you a Rainbow Girl?

Do you like to travel to Official Visits and Rites?

Want to win prizes?

Then this is for you!!!

Check out the 2005-2006 Traveling Schedule!!

1. Every time you, as a traveling Rainbow Girl, attend an official visit 
you will receive a key to a fabulous treasure chest.

2. You will have the opportunity at each of the four rites to open the 
treasure chest filled with awesome rewards, and one of your keys 
just MIGHT open it!

3. As you collect these keys through the year, keep them in a safe spot 
because you might have the key to win, plus whoever collects the 
most keys will win a prize a Grand Assembly 2006!

4. Also at Grand Assembly, there will be special prizes inside the 
treasure chest, so travel to lots of Official Visits to win prizes at our 
pilgrimages and at Grand Assembly (which is July 7-9)!!!!

And don't forget to Discover your True Colors! 

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