Grand Worthy Advisor's Assembly Incentive Program
July 15, 2005--June 15, 2006

Your assembly will receive one block for each of the following that you accumulate through the year:
Petitions brought in (girls initiated)
Girls and Adults who go Trick-or-Treating on Halloween
(Maybe even hold a trick-or treat food drive?)
Serve-outs for other Masonic bodies
Perspective member parties
Girls and adults that give other Rainbow people Valentines
Service projects
*Event to benefit the AKF (American Kidney Fund)
*Participating in Fashion Shows on Pilgrimage days

*You will receive double the blocks for these activities!

Build Your Assembly Castle!
At Grand Assembly Thrusday night, your assembly will be given the total amount of blocks
that you earned through the year to build your own castle.

If you feel you don't have enough blocks to build the castle that your assembly wants, 
you may purchase additional blocks with proceeds going to the American Kidney Fund. 

The castles will be displayed all weekend at Grand, and prizes will be awarded in various categories. 

Please know that when we are done wit the blocks at the end of the year, 
they will all be donated to the American Kidney Fund for pediatric kidney patients to build with while they are on dialysis.

As your assembly works this year, please email or call Victoria with the number of blocks that you earn each month. 
She will then keep track of each assembly's total blocks and bring the specified amount of blocks to Grand.
If you have any questions, please let Victoria know!
(see your August Illinois Rainbow News for contact information)

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