2007-2008 Grand Worthy Advisor's Page

Miss Mattie McNeal
Grand Worthy Advisor in Illinois 
Theme: Find Your Luck In Rainbow
Color: Shades of Green 
Symbols: Four Leaf Clovers and Pots of Gold
Flower: The Shamrock 
Honor Station: Charity 
Charity: The Illinois Child Identification Program (IL CHIP)
 Grand Family 2007-2008

Traveling schedule 2007-2008

Report on the 2008 "Lucky" Session

This year’s motto is “Find Your Luck in Rainbow.” This motto was chosen because each and every one of us are lucky to have this wonderful organization. There are many girls throughout the world that do not have an opportunity to interact with girls their own age in a safe atmosphere outside of school. 

This year’s symbols are the four leaf clover and the pot of gold. The four leaf cover throughout the ages has been know as a symbol of luck. With this symbol I hope to further instill the fact that we are lucky to have Rainbow in our lives. In our degree work the pot of gold is a symbol of the heart of a Rainbow girl deeply impressed with the teaching of rainbow. Rainbow teaches us that we should make our lives one of service. We are also reminded about our Masonic heritage at the station of Charity though the pot of gold and I would like to become more involved with those Masonic organizations that have preserved Rainbow for us. 

The colors for this year are all shades of green. Green is a color of nature and as most of you know I am a person who loves the out-of-doors. When I looked up the meaning of the color green I found that one of it’s meanings is self confidence, and I thought what better color to have as a state color. 

This year’s flower will be the Shamrock. In the Christian faith the Shamrock represents the father, son, and Holy Spirit. There are three main characteristics I feel every girl receives from Rainbow: a sense of belonging, self confidence, and the idea that service to others is important. Rainbow is a safe place for girls to interact with other and share their ideas without fear of rejection. Through our ritual and floor work each girl learns to be self confident is their abilities. Finally, it is the service that you perform that will turn into pure gold. The three leaves of the Shamrock represent these characteristics. 

The state honor station will be charity. Keeping in mind that Rainbow is a service organization, this station represents our charity to the communities around us. 

The Charity for the state of Illinois this year will be the Illinois Child Identification Program, IL CHIP. The Masons of Illinois -- who fund the entire cost of IL CHIP -- put together everything parents need to help the authorities find their lost child. It’s the most comprehensive program of its kind. Most importunately the process is FREE OF CHARGE TO PARENTS. This program is state wide and every assembly has the opportunity to work with their local lodge to be of some service to this charity. More information will be given at Grandie orientation.

Travel Incentive Program: To every state event that a girl, excluding here own assembly, travels to she will receive a four leaf clover key chain. At Grand Assembly the girl that has the most key chains will win a seat at the head table at Grand banquet. 

Service Program: This year I am challenging every girl to do 25 hours of service. There are many opportunities in our communities and once you have completed any amount of service let your Mother Advisor know. She will then tell me. The assembly that has the most percentage of girl complete this challenge will be able to stay in my suit on Thursday night at Grand Assembly.

Grand Charity Goal: I would like to raise $15,000 for the Grand Charity this year. 

Membership Goal: You all know that this year have instituted a new assembly and official in 2007 Illinois Rainbow have grown. I would like to keep that going. My goal for member this term in to initiate 100 girls!!! Now 100 may seem like a big number, but that is only 5 girls per assembly, which is 1 girl every other month. Show get out there and share you luck with one of your friends or the shy girls that always sits in the back of the classroom. 

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