Equipment & Clothing List

LEADERSHIP NOTEBOOKS (consult Mother Advisor for your assembly’s books)
Sleeping bag (air mattress optional, twin size only)
Pajamas & Robe
Tennis Shoes (we recommend 2 pairs)
     Flip flops & sandals are discouraged! If you bring them, they can only be worn to  the  pool WITH socks due to poison ivy and other health concerns.
     Please plan to wear  enclosed tennis shoes with socks.
Swimsuit & beach towel (hair ties-hair must be tied back for swimming)
Towels & wash cloths for a week
Socks (must be worn every day, so make sure you have enough)
T-shirts, shorts & underwear (enough for every day)
Jeans, sweatshirts, and jacket for cold nights
Personal hygiene stuff (toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush/comb, soap, shampoo, deodorant,
        pads/tampons, etc.)
Bug spray,
Sunscreen (must be waterproof, no oils allowed in the pool)
Raincoat and/or umbrella
Flashlight with extra batteries
Pennies for GWA night
Paper, pen, envelopes, stamps
Plastic cup or bottle for water
Garbage bags (enough to keep ALL of your stuff dry in case it rains)
PMA-Positive Mental Attitude!!!

(if needed) Prescription medicines/inhalers etc. (a week’s supply must be turned in to the nurse)
(optional) Bible
(optional) Camera/film
(optional) Walkman, boom box with headphones, tapes, CDs
(optional) Money for concession card ($5.00), camp picture ($6.00 last year), camp pin ($3.00)

**You will notice that food, candy, and beverages aren’t listed – Don’t bring them, we’ll have plenty!!!

*There will be an opportunity to tie-dye your free camp T-shirt in the craft area.  If you choose not to tie-dye your camp T-shirt , you may bring another item (t-shirt, socks, etc. – white works best, no towels, no undergarments) to tie-dye if you’re interested.

Cellular phones, pagers, laptops, & PDAs are highly discouraged.  If you bring these items to camp, they must be turned in upon arrival to be kept by the staff for the  duration of camp.

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